Build an Email Sequence That Sells

In 5 days


We’ll build an « Automated Selling Machine » that consistently converts cold leads into buyers… literally while you sleep!

    The Workshop starts on Monday, March 20th at 9am ET but you can still register and you’ll receive the replays, templates and support! 

    During this FREE Training event, you’ll get:


    In this Workshop, I will teach you how to design a profitable email sequence from beginning to end, within a limited amount of time and using only one affordable tool that you’re probably already using.


    Join a community of likeminded entrepreneurs as we work together to build your sequence that will genereates sales and even share our
    progress as we go for feedback and advice.


    Everyday, I will be hosting a Live Q&A sessions dedicated entirely to answering all your questions about sales funnel and marketing strategies.

    I will be providing support, expert guidance, honest answers to all of your Q’s.

    Here’s what to expect from the workshop


    DAY 1:  Learn the foundations of email marketing
    DAY 2: How to target the audience for your sequence + How to segment to get maximum results
    DAY 3: Defining your perfect offer + Building a strong sales page & checkout page
    DAY 4: How to set up your sequence with your email provider
    DAY 5: Testing & Measuring your results
    You will also have access to daily live Q&A and all the templates you’ll need to build a strong sequence.

    This Workshop will transform you into an expert on email marketing.


    The average order value of a purchase from email is at least three times higher than one from social media, according to McKinsey.

    Email marketing ROI can be as high as 3800%, generating as much as $38 for every $1 spent. An email sequence adds even more value because of the time it can save.

    In addition, they’ve been found to generate320% more revenue than non-automated emails.


    After this 5 Day Workshop, you will be able to:

    Break through customers’ false beliefs and resistance that hold them back from buying

    Create email sequences to promote your personal brand, business or organisation

    Generate a positive ROI for your sales sequence

    Master email marketing

    Plan and write email sequences properly for any products/service that you may have

    And much more!

    This is an event you don’t want to miss, I’ll be covering a wide range of information and action steps on selling your product/service through email sequences so that by the end of the 5-day training you HAVE an email sequence and you are making your first automated sales.

    Save your seat today!

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