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Get Everything You Need to Attract New Leads and Make More Sales on Automatic


Create your Lead Magnet, Build your landing page, Automate your emails => Sell your products on automatic. 

Just so we’re clear:
♦ No need to be tech-savvy.
♦ You can start from scratch & generate your first automated sales in 14 days 

Are you tired of trying all the new « surefire » ways
to get more customers for your business?

  • You feel overwhelmed by all the trainings you watch and you don’t know what to do next.
  • You spend your days on social media and never get the results you’re looking for.
  • You don’t know how to reach the people who need your products and are ready to buy.
  • You fail to build momentum for your business and really wish you could make those famous « sales while you sleep ».

Having a SALES FUNNEL and this BOOTCAMP are the solutions to these problems.


Attract new leads

With only one lead magnet, I’ve seen clients generating up to 150 leads in a week with the right sales funnel. You don’t to create content every day to grow your customer base.

Focus on the right people

No more sending messages to strangers who are not interested hoping that you will find one customer among them. Your sales funnel will let you know who your best prospects are.  

Sales happen at the right time

Not everyone will make their decision to purchase from you immediately. A sales funnel + an email sequence are critical for conversions. With the right content sent to your leads at the right time, you will be able to enjoy those « sales while you sleep ». Believe me: the feeling is amazing!

It’s simple

You know how to drag and drop elements? How to write an email? Then you have everything you need to generate sales on automatic. It’s that simple!

What inside The Winning Sales Funnel?

Step 1: Learn the system

Get a complete PDF Map of what your sales funnel should look like so you can reference while you build and make sure all the parts work together.

  • Never guess where to start when it comes to building your funnel — you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it when you join The Winning Sales Funnel. 
  • Go from stuck to a leads surge — following my step-by-step plan to create your lead magnet, build your funnel, and launch your offers with ease.

Step 2:  Creating your Perfect Lead Magnet

I’ll show you how to identify your ideal customer and how to create the Lead Magnet that speaks to their heart.

  • Identify who you are talking to and what you should talk about so that your Lead Magnet resonates with your audience. 
  • Create a Lead magnet (aka freebie) that is so good that you prospects trust you and want more from you.

Step 3:  Set up your Sales Funnel

  • You’ll discover what you need to know to set up and connect with your audience with ease (and with the right tools to help you stay consistent).
  • Access a variety of HowTo Videos to help you set up your landing pages, thank you pages, email sequences and more on platforms such as Mailchimp, Converkit..
  • Learn everything about copywriting and how to talk talk to your audience so that they listen and take action. This will be used in all your pages copy and you can take advantage of it for all your other content creation efforts. 

Step 4:  Email sequences

  • Write emails that convert your prospects into loyal customers.
  • Set up automations in a few clicks so that your prospects convert automatically.
  • Use my proven scripts to get them to take action faster.


Consulting & Support Group

Join us in our Facebook VIP community to get answers to your questions and share work to get my feedback
and skyrocket your results!

It’s also a good place to hold each other accountable and lift each other up!

Testimonials from the Beta Testers

My Lead magnet & Funnel have been up 2 weeks..

  • 78 leads
  • My emails have a 40% open rate (this is amazing!)
  • 1 automated sale

I call that a WIN! Especially for someone who is not tech-savvy!


I had tried to create Lead magnets in the past but they didn’t work. Now I understand why: I needed to work precisely on my customer avatar and this training has so many details! It changed everything for my business.

My new lead Magnet has generated 237 lead in a month. Thanks to the automated sales funnel, I can now make more sales while spending less time online. Caroline, thanks to the Bootcamp I’m can finally focus on what’s important: providing an even better service to my customers!


I used the Bootcamp to create a sales funnel for one of my products, and I’m so happy I did. The step-by-step process is easy to follow and customize. Even if you know nothing about technology, it’s very easy to implement and get results.


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