Welcome to the Workshop! 

You’re in! Check your email to make sure you receive everything properly.

The Sales Funnel Workshop OFFICIALLY kicks off in your inbox at 9am EST on Monday, March 20th – you’ll get an email then too!

Before we start there are a few things I need you to do!

  1. Head over to Facebook and be sure to like Caroline Gilly so you get notifications when I go live! Oh and if you do any posts about this challenge be sure to use the hashtag #5DayChallengeWithCaroline

Your FIRST assignment is to find an accountability partner and share this challenge with them ()

2. Make sure you mark this email on your « white list » so that all my emails end up in your inbox.

3. Make sure to pop into the Private Workshop Facebook Group for extra support on a daily workshop thread!

4. If you’re STILL following my instructions this far, you’re the king that I love to work with – feel free to too!


I can’t wait to start this workshop to help you get your Email Sequence Set up and rocking.

I can’t wait to see you win,

See you Monday!